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E-health solutions for wound healing 

Monitoring the wound evolution day after day

Grapheal develops a wearable patch enabling continuous monitoring of wounds, which empowers caregivers with an improved and individualized wound assessment tool.


Chronic wounds are all the wounds that doesn’t heal after 6 weeks. More than 6.5 million persons are suffering from chronic wounds in the United States. The cost and incidence of chronic wounds is increasing, due to the aging population, and the increased prevalence of diabetes. New treatments for chronic wounds have led to improvements in wound management but wound monitoring tools and methodologies have not kept pace with this progress. Wound assessment is complex and requires a range of clinical skills and knowledge.


Our electronic wound patch measures and stores wound bio parameters, then communicate them to a medical cloud via a smartphone app. Thus, nurses and doctors can monitor remotely the wound healing evolution and be alerted of any early stage infection and prevent complications. Grapheal patch aims at making any bandage smart & connected.
01 / Bio-stimulating

​Our patented recipe synthetizes the core material, pure Graphene, into a non invasive dressing that actively stimulates wound healing. We have led 8 preclinical studies showing the biostimulation properties of this material.

More than being non invasive, graphene has proven to stimulate wound healing.

02 / Ultra-flexible

​Graphene forms an ultrathin and robust conductive layer.

Our patented integration method produce light and fully flexible electrodes.

Our patch can adapt to any shape of wound 

03 / Sensitive

Graphene being atomically thin, electrons are forced to travel on its surface. A graphene electrode conductivity will change according to the wound physicochemical changes.

Our patch can react to a slight change in wound parameters with high sensitivity.


Grapheal is a Spin-off from Neel Institute CNRS Grenoble, incubated with support from SATT Linksium Technology Transfer Office  



We would like motivated talents to join our team as:

  • Quality management specialist

  • Regulatory affairs specialist

  • Biosensor/electrochemistry engineer

  • Embedded electronics engineer
  • Medical software engineer
  • Production technician